We make strategy come alive

Do you strive for a sustainable society? We work with organisations that want to bring about real change. Change that is critical to ensure a thriving future. We help you realize this change by putting the right strategy in place.

In the context of transitions, making strategy is a continuous process. That’s why we don’t just help create your strategy. We grow your strategic skillset so you can renew yourself. We set organisations in motion.

We help you to:

Determine your role towards a sustainable society

  • vision of the future: scenarios to look 10-20 years ahead
  • map your opportunities in line with your ambitions and skillset
  • determine your position in a sustainable society
  • map the risks of your current business model as result of ongoing transitions

Design your sustainable strategy

  • discover your purpose and contribution to a sustainable society
  • determine your impact on customers, employees, planet, society and financials
  • define innovation themes for products, services and supply chains
  • design the to-be organization and transformation
  • create portfolio of impactful change initiatives and roadmap

Start transforming into a sustainable organisation

  • train and coach ‘changemakers’
  • develop the organizational setup and working methods to kick-start transformation
  • define and develop required leadership behaviors
  • launch small-scale experiments to strengthen innovation skills and belief in the organization

Making strategy = designing, doing and learning

In 2012, Strategiemakers was the first to apply design thinking to the field of strategy. This approach has helped organizations create space for innovation and renewal by boosting creative thinking, and turning strategies into practical actions.

We don’t bring advice. We bring movement. We build the skills of organisations, teams and managers to renew themselves. For this we use our proven Thrive by Design transformation approach.

And the most important? Purpose. Together with our clients, we discover how we can make a sustainable society thrive. Join us!