Our vision for the future

A sustainable society, that is our dream. A world without climate change, resource shortages, inequality and polarization. We believe organizations of all kinds have a key role to play: large and small, in business, government, education and research.

We see that sustainable transitions are underway in every sector. Sooner or later, your organization will have a choice to make:  a) continue in the old way; b) actively reduce your negative impact; c) seize the momentum to create new opportunities by reinventing yourself.

We exist to help organizations that really want to move forward. Not only by reducing their negative impact, but by creating new opportunities and reinventing themselves. The Netherlands needs these organizations. Organizations that set out on the journey to become regenerative and play their part in establishing a sustainable society that thrives.

This requires organizations to establish:

  • Positive ambition: a long-term vision and ambition that aims to improve wellbeing for all its stakeholders. The ambition will inspire regenerative and circular business models that restore nature and contribute to social well-being.
  • Empathic and moral leadership: the ‘winners’ of tomorrow are adaptive organizations with empathic and moral leadership at the top. Managers encourage personal leadership and ownership among all employees.
  • Inclusive collaboration: the transition to a sustainable society is complex and requires organizations to establish new forms of collaboration, both internally and externally.
  • Targeted innovation: instead of innovating with the aim of providing convenience and consumerism, investments in innovation are used to solve social and environmental challenges within ethical frameworks.
  • Behavioral change: the sustainable society sets new standards, values ​​and expected behaviours. Organizations have to unlearn ‘old’ habits and establish new routines.
  • Meaning in work: to remain attractive for (new) employees, organizations must create a great place to work and to show how they themselves contribute to a sustainable society.